Pistol River Middle

That’s the name of the place where we spent two fantastic days on the southern Oregon Coast about 30 minutes north of the California state line.  

I have many camping apps, but this oceanside pull out alongside Highway 101, I found on IOverlander, which seems to be a good one for boondocking spots and boy did it deliver this time! 

We enjoyed this spot quite a lot, both from above at our camping spot and down on the beach just a few minutes walk away.  I should mention too that the daytime high temperatures have mercifully dropped from the mid 90s to the mid 70s.  Yippee!

Every picture seems better than the next, so it was really difficult to select the banner photo, but choose I did.  I took it on a sunny morning at low tide when the mist was rolling in low from the ocean.  Pretty cool phenomenon and shot of Elo, huh?  Oh, and I’ve come to realize after publishing this post that you really need to see the banner photo on a computer or an ipad and not a phone to see the full photo…which is so cool in its entirety.

To follow is a data dump of photos taken from our little stretch of beach which we often had completely to ourselves.  At low tide, we had our own little aquarium which was really quite amazing!  Enjoy.

I love it all!

Today is an errand and travel day, though we won’t be going very far at all, and we awoke to a wonderfully thick fog, which makes seeing the views a bit tough, but that’s OK, we’ve got days and days yet on the Coast, driving south on the 101 to Fort Bragg where we will turn inland toward Yosemite.  California, here we come! …again…  🙂   So stay tuned.

Until next time…



  • Tena

    August 4, 2021

    Beautiful. What are the “pots” of turquoise with stuff inside? Many of them, so maybe some kind of marine life?

    • Margie

      August 4, 2021

      Those are called Giant Green Anemone and they were everywhere. They close up when out of water at low tide and then open up, showing their flowery tentacles when once again under water.

  • Silver

    August 6, 2021

    I, too, love this coast and still these are the most spectacular photos—- especially love the ones of the anemones —- aren’t they fascinating —— have seen many snorkeling, and in the water they are even more interesting

    • Margie

      August 7, 2021

      I really love the tide pools. Wait til you see the next Coastal post. Lots of tide pool photos to come.

  • Darden Yerkes

    August 8, 2021

    Those are some huge starfish! The sunset is beautiful.


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