What a day!

Woke early to blue skies and sunshine!  Packed my bags, said goodbye to Barbara and Phantom and made my way over to the KeriKeri River Track so I could walk along the river out to Rainbow Falls…a walk I missed yesterday due to the stormy weather.  I haven’t been able to sort out my video problem, so I’ll post a photo here and the video on Facebook.  

I call this, The Party Tree, like in the Lord of the Rings.  It is enormous and welcomes all comers to the KeriKeri River Track.

It takes about an hour to get out to Rainbow Falls and the wooded walk is really quite nice next to the river which was roiling after all the rain.  

I heard the falls long before I saw them though the spray caught me well down the path.  You can see how they arrived at the name, Rainbow Falls.  I wonder if there are always two?

What a thoroughly enjoyable early morning walk.  Now, to the bookstore and then a drive further north and along the coast to Mahinepua Bay where I hoped to walk the Mahinepua Peninsula Track as it had been highly recommended by Barbara and Google seemed to agree.

It was another beautiful drive full of green as far as the eye could see and cows and sheep and ocean, rinse and repeat.

After a twisty turny drive, I arrived at the Bay pictured in the banner photo at the top of the page.  Wow.  It’s a stunner for sure.

After figuring out where to park and sorting myself out, I began the walk out to the end of the peninsula.  This trail went up and down and up and down again with plenty of stairs.  Nothing more needs to be said because the photos I took along the way speak for themselves.  Enjoy.

I remember the first time I saw Waipio Valley on the Big Island of Hawaii almost 40 years ago.  This reminded me a bit of that, which took me a little by surprise because that is one of my all time favorite places on the earth.  Sweet!  Or Sweet As, as they say here in New Zealand.


After this hike, I set my course for Coopers Beach, a little further north.  My AirBnB is a tiny little Bach and is oceanside, sitting just down below the main house.  My gratitude knows no bounds.

My little spot for the next two nights.

The tide is rolling in.  The couple who own this spot purchased the land 20 or so years ago while living in Hawaii.  They built the house and this bach not terribly long ago and now are permanent residents here in NZ.

More exploring and hiking tomorrow, so stay tuned for what I imagine will be more fabulous photos and stories…oh and check FB for the Rainbow Falls video…it’s a doozy for sure.


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  • Rusty

    November 23, 2022

    So beautiful! Sweet as! I love the bach.

  • Marcia Bronson

    November 23, 2022

    Wow! What an amazing place!! Reminds me of a remote beach in Albania on the Adriatic coast – except this looks even more stunning! And what a lovely bach! I’m enjoying traveling vicariously through your posts 🙂

  • Gaelyn

    November 23, 2022

    Loving all that green and beautiful waterfall.

  • Hill

    November 23, 2022

    Why is that cute little AirBnB hut called a “bach”? I dictionaried bach and learned about Johan Sebastian. Excellent pictures and descriptions. A joy to read.

  • Silver Hjellen

    November 24, 2022

    “Nothing more needs to be said because the photos I (you) took along the way speak for themselves. (I did) Enjoy.” very much.

  • Heather

    November 24, 2022

    Colors are spectacular Margie! I don’t suppose you had room to take your watercolors with you. I see lots of inspiration in these photos. Sweet as!

  • Tena

    December 23, 2022

    Fantastic photos. A joy to see the beauty of the place.


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