We like highway 50!

We are presently sitting in a janky “RV Park” in Dodge City, Kansas. It has most definitely seen better days as it is the dustiest, most dilapidated parking lot of an RV Park I’ve seen and it has the best reviews of anyplace in a very large vicinity. It is situated up a broken pavement and gravel hill under high tension power lines and is filled with permanent residents in battle worn motorhomes and trailers. It’s hot, there are flies, and the enormous cattle feedlot across the road presents an olfactory challenge, but mercifully, the owner is lovely, there is power for A/C and internet….the first internet we’ve had since our departure.  So here we are.  Let’s get caught up.

We spent our first night with the oldest of  family friends in Clarksville, TN about 45 minutes NW of Nashville.  It was a delight to be with them.  Thank you Russell and Lynne for the fabulous stop over and send off!   LET’S GO PEAY!

Lynne and Russell.  Hosts extraordinaire!

We love John Prine so sought out his mural in Nashville.

From Clarksville we headed north to pick up US Highway 50 a bit south and west of St. Louis where we turned left  and drove just a bit further to The White Mule Winery Bed and Breakfast, a Harvest Host.  https://www.whitemulewinery.com/about-us/bed-breakfast/ Harvest Hosts will be explained in a future blog, so let’s not get sidetracked now.  We parked our vans alongside the vines as seen in the banner photo above and enjoyed a yummy dinner.  In addition to being an event center for Weddings and Veteran’s Silent Auctions, they open their restaurant to the public Friday through Sunday, specializing in beef and wine and apparently it stays packed..  Elo had filet.  I had shrimp.  We don’t drink, so missed out on the wine though it was going down at great volume with ease at the tables all around us. We chatted with lots of folks who live near and far and all were quite friendly and interested in our van doings.  Friday night was hoppin’ at the White Mule.

On the veranda

The Old White Mule

The grapes

A very cool cloud ushering in the storm

 I had been feeling more and more under the weather since leaving Clarksville and it finally caught up with me so I could deny it no longer; however, I didn’t feel it would be fair to take a lay day at the White Mule as there was absolutely nothing for Elo to do, so we drove and drove to Swope Park in Strong City, Kansas which had a pool, a fishing lake, and places for her to ride her bike. Once there I went to bed for about 24 hours filled to the brim with Vitamin C and Nyquil.  After that rest, Elo and I had fun walking around the Park.  Fortunately, while I was hunkered down, she was able to enjoy the lake and biking.

Our rigs with softball in the background

We found a softball and tried our hand at pitching

A really complete Veteran’s Memorial beginning with the Revolutionary War.

An interesting (to us) sign.  Must be coming on to harvest time.

And now we arrive at today.  Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve day.  https://www.nps.gov/tapr/index.htm   As some of you may know, I was really looking forward to seeing this and it did not disappoint.  While my current health only allowed me to stroll about a mile, it was really wonderful.  Prairie as far as the eye could see, full of wildflowers, and various grasses, butterflies and bees, grasshoppers, and of course, bison.  The herd is currently around 80 adults and 15 calves.  We saw many at a distance too far for photos, but check these out.

The obligatory sign photo



More prairie with more wildflowers

There are bison in the distance.  We saw about 25 in goups and singles.

Anyone spot the grasshopper in the photo above? 

What a great day.  Elo has been having a frustrating time with her Surge Protector so she may disagree but still, even with colds and broken electric gadgets, we are on the road, headed west, seeing sights we’ve never seen, and expanding our horizons. As I sit here under the high tension wires, listening to the constant road noise and smelling the cow lot, I can feel the goodness of it all and am so grateful. 

I’m glad we chose to head west on Highway 50.  It is such a pleasure. 

On to Colorado!   

Until next time…



  • Rusty Hunt

    July 13, 2021

    Anyone who can combine the heat, flies, and manure smells and feel gratitude is truly on a joyful path. I’m glad to hear you are having such fun. I couldn’t find the grasshopper, and I hope Elo gets her surge protector fixed.

    • Margie

      July 14, 2021

      Look on the flower, Roo!

  • Suzi

    July 13, 2021

    Are you wondering why Dorothy was so anxious to get back home to Kansas??

    • Margie

      July 13, 2021

      We loved Kansas and Missouri and what we saw of Illinois. What a difference it makes to drive a smaller Highway vs an Interstate. It’s like night and day.

  • Tena

    July 15, 2021

    Love reading about your trip. The photos are beautiful. Hope you are feeling much better. I’m getting the urge to drive Highway 50 myself!

  • Darden Yerkes

    July 21, 2021

    Freaking grasshopper eating the pretty flower.


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