Hello again.  This is the second of the two introductory posts which are designed to to help set the stage for A Joy Full Path and get us all on a similar page. 

Be the Light you wish to see in your life.  What does it mean and how did it become my motto?

To me, being the Light is doing, being, allowing, and or choosing anything large or small that uplifts or expands me and supports me in being the best version of myself I can be at the time. I have come to understand this may look different from moment to moment or day to day and that’s Okay, it’s a process.

An example of being the Light for me would be choosing Joy and allowing it into my life as often as possible or anything else that feeds my Soul, that lifts me up and supports me. 

***An important note before we move on***  I realize some folks may feel uncomfortable,  challenged, or even angry about all this talk of choosing Joy and Light and feeding Souls. Please believe me when I tell you I have been there. I have been there in spades. In fact, I was there for decades feeling unseen, misunderstood, and utterly unworthy of anything resembling Joy, Light, or Love. It was a long time to be mired in such pain. By allowing myself to find caring mentors, teachers, and therapists over the years, to take the tiniest of baby steps, trial and error, forward movement and falling back, and even giving up for short and long stretches of time worked for me I think because it was always backed by my earnest desire to know something better, to become something more than my story and its side-effects. So please hear this, if I can find my way, so can you. Of this I have no doubt.

The birth of a motto

It’s likely many of you are familiar with the insightful quote of Mahatma Gandhi, “You must be the change you wish to see in the world” along with one of its many variations, “Be the Light you wish to see in the world”. There is deep wisdom in these words but basically I take them to mean if I want to see change out there in the world, I’d better first be that change myself. In other words, by walking my talk in my own life, the change will occur out in the world, sort of like the ripple effect.
Good stuff, no doubt.
For me though, not being Gandhi, it’s a nice sentiment but feels a bit daunting and way- out- there instead of close to home and frankly, a little bit like pressure to change who I am because somehow I’m not good enough, so I’ve taken the liberty to make modifications to suit my needs a little better. Did you know you could do that? Well, in many cases I think you can!

“Be the Light you wish to see in your Life”, while very, very similar, feels so much better to me. I think because it feels more personal and manageable. I actually find it quite empowering. With this affirmation, I feel I can be my own Light and not have to rely on someone or something else to light me up. I feel I can be a Light or become a Light bright enough to light up my own life. I no longer feel like I have to change myself to save the world and boy howdy, that feels a whole lot better and more achievable to me. So, presto! A meaningful motto has been born. I like it!

And here’s a great thing…being your own Light in your own life has the same ripple effect as Gandhi’s because it’s really saying the same thing. I guess I just like feeling empowered and it is certainly easier for me to manage my life rather than worry about the world, so a small shift in words helped me get there.

Now you know how, Be The Light You Wish To See In Your Life, became my and the site’s motto and if you like it, you can use it for yourself or modify it so it suits your needs better. Anywhichaway…all roads lead to Mecca.

Feeling the Energy of Light and Not the Light

I find it helpful to know the difference between how each of these energies feels.  Being aware of how each feels and how I feel helps me know which I’m choosing as I walk through life. Some words that could describe how I feel when I don’t choose the Light are heavy, separate, limited, dissatisfied, anxious, judgmental, and angry while choosing the Light will always feel something akin to airy, expansive, inclusive, uplifting, fulfilling, open, positive, supportive, joyful, inspired, and hopeful. It’s all Energy, so we can feel it right now just with our intention if we choose to do so, though if you are not accustomed to intentionally feeling energy, it may take a bit of practice. If you like,  let’s try them on so you can feel the difference for yourself.  If you’d rather not participate, simply skip past this section.

Feel the difference for yourself-Exercise

To begin, center yourself in a neutral internal place by taking three or so deep, relaxing breaths and then say to yourself something like, ‘I want to feel what Not Choosing the Light feels like and intend to feel that while you sit with it for just a few breaths. Notice how it feels to you, notice how your body feels.  Now let that go completely by taking a few clearing and cleansing breaths and come back to your neutral center and say, ‘I want to feel the Light and intend to feel it while you sit with it for several minutes.  Allow yourself to breathe it in with every breath. Take note of how it feels and how your body feels. Can you feel the difference?
If you didn’t feel much of anything, not to worry. This is something you can practice on your own remembering to stay in the energy only long enough to get a feel for it so you can consciously recognize each going forward.

Knowing what the Light feels like can help us choose what we want more of in our lives. Try things on and see how they feel, especially the things that fill your day. This can be an eye-opening endeavor, so tread intentionally.

I remind you of my hope for this to be an interactive and co-creative space so the invitation to share, comment, pose a question, or get a conversation going stands. If you prefer a private method of reaching out, feel free to use the ‘Get In Touch’ button at the top of the page, this will email me directly.

Again, I’m so glad you’re here. Many blessings all around.