Hello! I’m Margie and I’m so glad you’re here.  That’s me in the photo above, walking The West Highland way in Scotland, 2019.

I currently live and play in Western North Carolina among the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains with my dog, cat, and chickens. I’m 60, untethered to partner or child, and am really enthusiastic about life in general, especially now as I embark on another entirely new chapter.

Prior to moving to Western North Carolina I lived in Alaska, having left a career in the high-tech corporate world to move to Anchorage where I most happily took a position as a cashier at an outdoor store. Much to the dismay of many who knew me I abandoned a perfectly good life to follow my dreams North.  Alaska was calling. I had to go.

11 or so really wonderful years later, I was called again, this time to move to the Asheville, North Carolina to support my parents as they aged and departed this Earth. Turns out, I also supported my brother as he made a rather sudden departure of his own.

With 7 years of caregiving behind me,  I find myself embarking on a new decade and phase of life.  I am in possession of the many gifts and bits of baggage my life has afforded thus far and find myself in the most delicious uncharted territory. I am completely free to do what I wish, when I wish, and how I wish. It’s an incredible blessing and opportunity abounds. I am so very excited about the possibilities that lie ahead and feel the infinite potential in every Now moment.

What will I choose in this moment and the next? What will I create? Who will I continue to become?

World travel is a great passion of mine and it seems there are places on Earth calling me to come walk their lands or swim in their seas.  I am answering these calls as they arise, receiving the gifts to the best of my ability.  Writing is another passion of mine, so sharing some of my experiences on this platform also brings me Joy.  

Let’s all choose Joy in whatever form is best for each of us.

Many blessings.