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Hello and Welcome!

I’m Margie Goodman and I’m so glad you’re here. 

You may be wondering what A Joy Full Path is all about. I too am curious to see what it becomes as it grows and expands but right now, at its inception, I can tell you first and foremost it is an invitation to Joy.

An invitation to Joy!

It is also a place to share stories of adventures and misadventures as I travel the Country and the World since I once again find myself free to embrace an abundance of travel, which has a long history of being a reliable source of Joy for me.

My hope is that A Joy Full Path will be an interactive and co-creative space where together we can explore Joy; what it means, how to choose it, how to create it, how to allow it, and how to put ourselves in the way of it.

These are exciting times we live in and possibilities abound. I feel the Goodness of it all, so if this resonates with you in any way, I hope you’ll stay tuned and share the Journey.

Bodhi and me 

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